Focus: Multi-Family Projects

Mission Statement

As value innovators, TONUSA’s vision is to bring exceptional design, quality and service to the multi-family housing industry such that it improves the lives of residents and the value of the property

Our Goal

TONUSA Multi-Family  is all about value. Our goal is to bring exceptional value to multi-family residential projects (new build and renovation) by offering high quality kitchen and bath cabinetry at a highly competitive cost. We are able to accomplish this by leveraging against our large manufacturing capacity and our success in the past 6 years of offering custom cabinetry to multi-unit projects. In addition, our focus and dedication to quality and affordability makes Tonusa the top choice for our customers’ projects and saves hundreds of thousands of dollars to some of our bigger projects. These values are the core to Tonusa’s business model: our manufacturing capability, commitment to quality, flexibility in working with our customers and delivery value has made us the number one vendor at Costco for several product categories including bath vanities, shower panels, garage storage solutions, ventilation hoods, and workbench/scaffold tables.

New Construction

New Build Image

Our custom-designed and fabricated kitchen and bathroom cabinetry are perfect for new construction projects. In addition to the extensive experience we have in the remodel and coversion projects, the majority of our past work has been for new construction. We will provide your project with the best quality cabinetry built exactly to project specifications at a surprisingly affordable cost. And our dedicated team of professionals will work closely with yours to “dot all the i’s” and “cross all the t’s”, deliver on time and ensure everything is done to your satisfaction.

Featured New-Build Project: Parker Palo Alto, Palo Alto, California

Parker Palo Alto 320x194


Remodel Wood Kitchen Image

Our project managers always enjoy the opportunities we have to remodel or convert multi-family residences. We love to see the “before’s” and “after’s” as well as being part of the creativity and transformation process. Our cabinetry are built to exacting standards and we have the flexibility to design and manufacture just about any type of cabinetry to support the project’s goals and design objectives. There’s no challenge we won’t take on! From converting an old traditional style chain hotel into one of the trendiest beach-side hotels in the nation to designing from scratch Japanese style bathroom sliding doors on custom stainless roller wheels on a track rod, we’ve done it!

Featured Remodel Conversion Project: The View-Wilshire Tower, Los Angeles, California

The View-Wilshire Tower Bldg 320x194




We understand the challenges of hospitality industry properties. The cabinets have to look great, match the room’s theme or décor and be indestructible. Furthermore, hotels and inns need to know that their supplier will be there to support them should the unforeseen arise and they need to replace cabinet parts in a hurry. Tonusa MFD’s philosophy of doing things right the first time minimize the chances of such issues and we work closely with the property designer or general contractor to make sure the cabinets are designed and built to last and every last detail is addressed.

Featured Project: Park Central Hotel, Manhattan,  New York

Park Central Hotel NY Daytime Perspective 320x194