Designed for the discerning homeowner, Valore range hoods are certain to draw rave reviews in your kitchen.

The Valore Plateau range hood is all about being elegant and making a statement the quiet way. Showcasing the best of European design, this low-profile range hood delivers what homeowners expect – quality, features and modern design at an affordable price.
Leveling off at 5 3/8 – inches, this 22 – inch deep range hood is as much about performance as it is about style. Plateau features include high-quality stainless steel construction, 600 CFM performance for greater exhaust of kitchen vapors and odors, ultra-quiet performance, dual-level halogen lighting and 3-speed electronic controls with blue LED indicator lights. The electronic controls rise just millimeters from the surface and gently command the hood with a slight press of the finger. The controls are housed in an inversed pyramid casing that mimics the hoods upwards rise. The dual-level halogen lights create a warm glow above your range that illuminate the cooking surface and creates ambient textures during dinner parties and special occasions.

Plateau is designed to add value and style to your kitchen and its low-profile canopy gives the homeowner greater opportunities for design. By making a greater part of the wall available for design elements such as tiles and textured wall finishes, Plateau gives the chef an opportunity to also be the designer.



Valore PLATEAU is a low-profile chimney-style range hood that can match traditional or contemporary kitchen styles.

• High-quality manufacturing
• Durable 20-gauge 430 stainless steel construction
• Available in 30” and 36” sizes
• 600 CFM motor efficiently removes cooking odors and pollutants as a result of cooking on electric or gas ranges as powerful as 60,000 BTU
• Virtually noise-free at working-speed.
• Quality fit and finish reduce the motors noise levels making this hood quiet yet powerful
• Easy – to – Install design makes mounting this range hood over the range easy and hassle free.
• Standard two 5 layer aluminum mesh filters are dishwasher safe and can be reused.
• Elegant 3-speed electronic controls with gentle blue LED indicator lights
• Delay-off button will automatically shut down your hood 5 minutes after pressing it
• Two dual-level halogen bulbs that feature our QuickConnect wiring system
• Ductless ventilation available with the recirculating kit and charcoal filters
• Out of the box duct cover adjustable to ceiling height up to 9 1/2’.
• Optional adjustable duct cover extensions for ceiling heights up to 12’.
• Valore 2 years part 1 year labor warranty.

• VALORE Replacement Charcoal Filters (set of 2)
• Model: V0F-C002

Replacement charcoal filters for Valore range hood recirculating kits; VRC-00SU, VRC-00PL and VRC-00CR.
• Charcoal filters clean contaminated air for reintroduction into the kitchen environment. Charcoal filters are disposable and should be replaced every 3 – 4 months to keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

VALORE PLATEAU Recirculating Kit
Model: VRC-00PL

For use with Valore Plateau range hood models; VPL-E30AS and VPL-E36AS.

• When using a range hood that is not ducted to the outside environment, a recirculating kit allows air to be cleaned through charcoal filters which are installed behind the aluminum mesh filters. Recycled air is then reintroduced into the kitchen environment through louver holes located at the top of the duct covers.
• Charcoal filters are disposable and should be replaced every 3 – 4 months to keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

Order replacement charcoal filters; part number V0F-C002.
• Recirculating kit includes:
• 1 – Air diverter plate
• 2 – Charcoal filter brackets
• 2 – Charcoal filters
• VALORE SUMMIT Extension Duct Cover
• Model: V1C-00SU

• VALORE PLATEAU Extension Duct Cover
• Model: V1C-00PL

For use with Valore Plateau range hood models; VPL-E30AS and VPL-E36AS.

• Made from high quality stainless steel, an extension duct cover allows your hood to reach ceiling heights of up to 12 feet.
• Extension duct cover includes:
• 2 – Telescopic duct covers


valore_vsu_vpl_vcr_manual (Pdf)
vrc00pl_manual (Pdf)